Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Guys! Hi. I am just here to wish you guys happy new year. Have an amazing, amazing, amazing, year! 
Umm. Have fun.
To be honest I have nothing to say ad I'm in no mood at all to celebrate because of stuff. 
Just stuff.
I'm really sorry but have an phenomenal 2013!


 2013 ! YAYYY! <3

Summer Paradise

Thursday, 27 December 2012

"Most Time Consuming Set"!

"Most Time Consuming Set"!

Velvet sequin tank top
$220 -


Filippa k
$110 -

Stiletto heels
$57 -

Free people

Beret hat

Things happen.

As all of you know: On 14th of December 2012 a tragedy happened. I really am so so so heartbroken over that and well, I wanted to share some thing with you guys over that topic. 

I know it's the 27th but every time I use to get on my laptop to wrote this, something use to come in the way and then I use to completely forget about it. Like totally.
Most of you must have seen these but for those of you who haven't. Give them a look. They're worth it.

I'm really touched by all of it and you really should see these videos. 


Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas everybody and happy holidays!
I love holidays. I love to get cozy in my quilt and watch TV or watch movies. Be on my laptop. Read. Spend time with my friends and family. Drink hot chocolate and coffee and so much of other stuff. Having cookies. Baking stuff. All the festive dinners!

Everything is so nice but for one thing right now.

I HAVE DANDRUFF! Like why? This is the first time I'm having dandruff and I'm hating it! Hating it hating it hating it! But on the other side it's Christmas time. New Year is coming and holidays!

Tell me what your favorite part about the holidays are!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

This is Louis and Eleanor and Johanna and Lottie and well everybody there's christmas tree
And this is Zayn and Perrie's Christmas tree.
Bye now!

24th December 2012

Hi. Please excuse all the written fangirling I do in the and the sizes might differ. Thank you so much for keeping up with my fangirl state.

It's Lou's birthday! IT IS LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON'S 21ST BIRTHDAY! Plus. It's Christmas eve. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE !!!!

Louis turned 21 today. Awesome right? But even though he officially turned 21 today he will still be the 18 year old Boo Bear/Louis who auditioned for the X-Factor 


That's really all I have to say. NO. I want to talk to you about one more thing but I'm not sure I can share it with everybody. Plus all of your aren't directioners so you wouldn't get it.


We got other stuff trending worldwide for a while but help us with this! Thanks!

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