Wednesday, 30 January 2013

High School Romance

DIY: Creative and Cute Do It Youself Notebooks

Today we look into an area of paper crafts that I truly love: DIY Notebooks and journals. This list of DIY notebooks is somewhat a continuation of our back-to-school crafts but it’s not exactly season-specific. You can make these DIY notebooks or journals any time of the year, really. Have fun with these!


How cute! For this particular notebook tutorial, you will no longer need to make or cut the pages. A store-bought composition notebook will take care of the interior. The cover, however, is where you will let your creativity shine.



I have made fabric notebook covers like this several times. They are easy and cute projects, especially if you add patchwork details shown above. And yes, this is a fun way to use fabric scraps. You can also use this tutorial for making a cover for your organizer.



How gorgeous! This DIY notebook looks like it came from a factory, doesn’t it? To make something similar, you will need a hardbound notebook, thin leather, book glue, and pretty paper. Basically, what you will do is cover the notebook with the leather and add strips to fasten.


Pretty magazine editorials and ads make for great DIY journal covers. To make your own, cut, fold, and sew your inside pages. Cover with a magazine page you like and hide the stitch line using washi tape. Easy!


There are many lovely letterpress cards sold online. Get some and use one for making a handmade notebook or journal. Pro tip: use these notebooks as event giveaways or party favors.


Here is a DIY notebook that will require composition notebooks as well. This is different from the 1st tutorial on this list, though, because you’ll be adding pretty tabs in the pages.

Hope you enjoyed this list of DIY notebooks! Make some for the students in your family or for yourself. You never know when a DIY notebook can come in handy in your day to day life.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Tips On How To Avoid Tangled Hair

Since I started growing out my hair, I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out how to avoid tangled hair. My hair is incredibly, ridiculously thick and, at this particular moment, it’s just past my shoulder blades. I brush it and it’s tangled five minutes later. I wake up, the entire underside is a snarled, tangled mess. I brush it before washing it and have a rat’s nest by the time I rinse out the conditioner. Combing out the snarls is so painful that I’m beginning to feel like a masochist just for taking care of my hair. So I’m on a mission, and if you suffer thick, painful snarls, then come on and learn how to avoid tangled hair with me!


When you’re figuring out how to avoid tangled hair, you’ll quickly discover how important it is to condition. I mean, you really have to condition your hair. There are several ways to do so, and you can try them all if your hair reacts well. Conditioning in the shower is always good, because that leaves your hair smoother when you’re ready to start styling. However, that’s not always enough. If you need something more powerful than a rinse-out conditioner, try a leave-in treatment each day or do a deep conditioning treatment every one or two weeks. If you have oily hair and worry about making it worse, just remember to only condition the ends of your hair, not the scalp!


Rinsing your hair in cool or even cold water is so much better than using hot water to rinse. You don’t have to make it freezing, although it’s very refreshing in the summer. Cool or lukewarm works just as well. That’s because cool water closes your hair’s cuticles, so it stays softer and shinier. It’s easier to comb and it’s not as likely to get tangled throughout the day.


Detangling products are amazing,  especially when you just can’t get through all those snarls. There are sprays and spritzes, creams and gels, and many other products available. Lots of them help strengthen your hair as well, so you get lots of help! If, however, you don’t want to spend money on detangling products, just take some of your old conditioner, put a tablespoon of it into a water bottle, and fill up the rest with water. Shake it up, mix it well, and voila! Your own detangler!

While it’s technically okay to use a brush after your hair is dry, combing it is a much better option. This is a hard one for me to follow because, I admit, I always brush my hair … yes, even when it’s wet, even though I know better. When your hair is wet and tangled, start with a wider toothed comb, because then it won’t tug through the knots as painfully. Once you’ve mostly worked them out, you can switch to a fine toothed comb. That way, you get all the tangles and snarls, which doesn’t always happen with a brush. Also, work from the bottom up, so you can smooth the worst knots first.


Using the right techniques to wash and dry your hair will also help you avoid tangles. Although you only have to suds the roots of your hair when you shampoo, I know many of us go ahead and work the shampoo into the ends as well. If you still prefer that technique, just remember not to screw or bunch up your hair, because that leads to more tangles. Similarly, don’t bunch up your hair when you towel dry. Squeeze out the excess water and pat it so it stays smooth.


No, I’m not suggesting that if you enjoy beer or wine or daiquiris, your hair gets more tangled. What I mean is, avoid any hair care products that contain alcohol. It’s damaging to your hair anyway, but if you’re prone to tangles, then alcohol based products are even worse. Stick with gentle, natural products that promise smoothness.


If you know what it’s like to wake up with tangled, snarled hair, you have my sympathy. The good news is that there are several things you can do to avoid a rat’s nest of bed head in the morning. If it’s not too uncomfortable, put your hair up in a bun, braid, or ponytail before you go to sleep. If that won’t work for you, wrap your hair in a silk scarf. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase works too. Above all else, however, don’t go to sleep with soaking wet, uncombed hair!
Avoiding tangled hair requires diligence, patience, and a lot of care, but it can be done. Remember, your hair doesn’t have to be long to get tangles. Some are easier to banish than others, but with the right tips, techniques, and hair care regimens, you’ll never have to waste twenty minutes trying to coax your snarls loose so you don’t end up losing all your hair. Do you have any hair care tips for keeping your tresses silky smooth?

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Ways To Change Your Look In 2013

Are you searching for subtle or bold ways to change your look? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these seven easy ways to change your look in 2013, because no woman/girl should stay in the style past!


Changing up your makeup routine is one of the easiest ways to change your look. You’ve probably already seen pictures of celebrities with and without their makeup, right? If you haven’t, the differences are extraordinary – they look like completely different people! So, naturally, even slight changes in your makeup routine can take your look from sub-par to glam. Therefore, start with a new makeup item; whether it’s a bold new lipstick, a smoky eye shadow palette or something else you’ve been meaning to try.


Try something different with your hair. If you always wear it down, try putting it up. There are so many types of up-dos that you can try, such as a fishtail braid. You can also part your hair on different sides as well, giving you a whole different look! If you’re into bolder changes, head on over to your local hair salon. If you don’t have bangs, get them! If you have long hair, cut it short! If you want to dye your hair a different color or add highlights, go for i! The good thing about hair is that it always grows back.(Do ask your parents before doing anything very drastic. :P)


Nail art designs range from animal print, to different geometric patterns, to even little adorable creatures, like penguins. Nail art is perfect for the woman who wants to add a bit of personality to  her look, but not overwhelm herself in it. Plus, if you want to go even crazier, you can do your toenails too!


Another subtle way to add some flair into your look is by using a patterned belt. There are studded belts, animal print belts, colored belts and more. The thing with belts is that you can change them up as often as you like and they won’t break your budget.


Scarves have recently upgraded from just merely being used for warmth; they’ve become fashion statements as well. Just like belts, there are different patterns, ranging from floral to animal print, which you can use to accessorize any outfit. You can also turn almost any scarf (if it’s long enough), into a belt by just lacing it through the belt loops of your favorite pair of pants!


Jewelry can make a big statement on its own. Yet, you don’t need to stack on ten bangles or three necklaces in order to make a statement. Snatch up a new piece of jewelry (or two or three!) to accessorize your outfits. Perhaps a chunky gemstone ring or a glitzy watch or necklace will do the trick.


Whether it is a clutch, a tote or a satchel, the perfect bag can add an unexpected element to your look. With a variety of patterns, a handbag can either create a pop of color or help reveal a bit of your wild side without turning your whole outfit into a gaudy mess.
These are just a few ways to change your look in 2013. Whether you decide to go for something more drastic (like changing up your entire wardrobe!) or just adding a new belt or two, the key to upgrading your style for the New Year is to try something new. So, are you planning on using any of these ways to change up your look for next year? Or do you have another way that you’re upgrading your look?

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

7 Fab Love Tips for a New Relationship ♥

If you’re in a new relationship and are looking for tips for a new relationship that actually make sense and work, you’ve come to the right place! Girls, new relationships are so hard to figure out! You’ve got this person, that you like (maybe love!) and don’t know exactly how to act around. Well, my tips for a new relationship should help coast you through all of the crap of a new relationship and into the lovey-dovey stuff!


The very first of my top 7 tips for a new relationship all boils down to overstepping boundaries. If you are constantly stepping over his boundaries that he’s laid and you are constantly crossing the line with comments, that's a problem. Remember this is something you should be discussing right up front.


Being too clingy and too smothering is an instant turn-off and truthfully, what guy would want to be with a girl that clings too much? In turn, what girl would want to be with a guy that clings too much? Just remember, it’s a new relationship, that doesn’t mean that you have to constantly be around one another or cling to one another.


Always, in any relationship at any stage, you should be completely open and completely honest with your partner. After all, you don’t want to be caught in a lie and then lose that trust. So start building the trust, keep it and don’t lie. It isn’t worth it in the end, trust me.


Just because you caught your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t mean that you want to end all of the flirting, stop all of the romance and cut off everything that made you want to be in a relationship! Instead, keep up the flirting, be playful, keep your date nights as they are. Keep the spice girls!


The biggest problem in my relationship was, me assuming. Never, ever assume anything in a relationship. Don’t assume that your partner doesn't want to go out, just because they are complaining. Ask before assuming!


When you’re in a brand new relationship, you’ve got to be generous. Be generous with your time, your money (to a certain point!) and also sharing things. You’ve got to be open and share your feelings. This will create a foundation between the two of you that is hard to break!


Finally, even though you are in a new relationship, there are going to be fights. It happens girls! Don’t stress, just make sure that you are fighting fair and that you aren’t being mean to one another. Fighting fair might be hard, but it’s so worth it in the end and less feelings are hurt! I know this one is hard to learn , but once you do, it will be so much better for your relationship.

So girls, these are all of my tips for a new relationship. Do you have anymore to share? New relationships might be a little bit scary, but they are so much fun too!

Ps: I've changed the way I write and now I'll be writing for love, beauty, health and fun stuff. (Mostly for girls)
Tell me if you like this way or you liked the old random way more!